Clay contains magnetic healing properties.
Certain clays can enhance your health.

Clay contains magnetic healing properties that can serve as a powerful natural remedy to many health ailments. Not all clays are the same. Some clays contain an impressive assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, & magnesium ..Read More..

Some clays are healthy for consumption.

It may sound weird that clay is healthy to eat, but not all clay is healthy to eat. Montmorillonite clay is the most common sought after clay for consumption and has long been recognized by scientists for its unusual properties. According to MIT ..Read More..

Magnetic clays can draw toxins from your skin.

Clay possesses a natural antibacterial and antiseptic action that serves as an effective treatment for acne, skin rashes, boils, and wounds. Clay Masks help exfoliate dead cells and stimulates skin circulation causing facial muscles to ..Read More..

Clay minerals can help your body's immunity.
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