Calcium montmorillonite clay is safe to eat.
Clay minerals can help your body's immunity.

It may sound weird that clay is healthy to eat, but not all clay is healthy to eat. Montmorillonite clay is the most common sought after clay for consumption and has long been recognized by scientists for its unusual properties. According to MIT mineralogist, Robert T. Marin, "one gram of Montmorillonite has a surface area of 800 square meters."

That’s about 10 football fields! The greater the surface area of the clay, the greater the power to pick up positively charge toxins many times its own weight. Montmorillonite helps heal ulcers, stomach illness, and colon ailments. It works by binding with toxic substances and gently removing them from the body with the stool. Montmorillonite may be purchased in specialty health food stores in the U.S. and is commonly sold in Europe by the bulk.

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