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About Clay Defense

“To Touch the Earth is to have Harmony with Nature.”- Oglala Sioux

We are a group of natural health enthusiasts who came across this amazing healing remedy and want to share our discoveries with the world!

All of us with previous health ailments started eating these unique minerals called calcium montmorillonite and noticed great benefits within a short period of time, including changes in our skin, hair, energy level, stomach health and much much more!

We are passionate about montmorillonite clay which has a higher ability to absorb toxins and contains a powerful combination of essential trace minerals that have helped us in more ways than a doctor ever could. (No disrespect intended. We highly value doctors and feel they are a necessity.)

Unfortunately, doctors don’t have time to research everything. Every doctor should have a closet filled with bottles of montmorillonite. This amazing clay contains natural antibacterial/ antiviral properties and produces no harsh side effects! It is healthy for children and can be consumed for a life time!

Clay Medicine has been used for thousands of years. You probably have consumed clay and didn’t even know it.(Kaolin clay is used in Kaopectate and Pepto Bismol!)

We are here to provide you with the best information about montmorillonite clay and welcome you to send us your comments and thoughts.

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